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Melissa Tan


Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution Malaysia

As a former contestant on Asia’s Next Top Model, Melissa Tan realised early on that there was a fine line trying to be an ethical model in an industry that promotes consumerism.

Passionate about the environment and actively pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle, Melissa now sees her transition into advocacy work provide more meaning to her life. As the founding member of The Green Guerrilla, she now steps into a bigger role as the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malaysia.

“It is okay to move on into another season of life to be able to serve bigger things,” says Melissa. “I see myself as a mouthpiece or a bridge that connects a company or a brand with an ethical solution towards a greener planet that’s zero waste,” she adds.

With Fashion Revolution, the largest global fashion movement that calls for a clean and fair fashion industry, Melissa’s main agenda is to decry the practice of greenwashing adopted by fashion brands for an actual change.

“There has been so much of focus about consumer responsibility when it comes to fashion, but not so much the companies. We need the brands themselves to provide a better solution towards becoming a more sustainable industry.”

Top & jacket from MSGM