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Co-founder, FutureLab

It was Brian Tan’s first failed job interview upon graduation that prompted him to establish FutureLab, an online mentoring platform targeting students, young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. The biochemist graduate who decided to embark upon a management consulting career path was initially frustrated at the lack of information and preparation available for one to secure a job.
“I see FutureLab being integrated into every high school, college and university in the country to help connect the youth to their alumni and industry mentors that can help them with their career aspirations and prepare them for the future workforce. By doing this, we hope to create a digital learning ecosystem where universities, corporations and start-up accelerators can work together to push innovation forward in Malaysia,” says Brian who aims to introduce the idea of mentorship at an early stage through high schools.
On making the switch from corporate to entrepreneurship, he cites his first start- up mentor Edwin Tay from Easyuni.my and a two-week Stanford programme at Stanford University as instrumental to help him build his first version of FutureLab.my.
The one course he will recommend to someone to upskill regardless of industry is a design-thinking course which focuses on creative problem solving. “It encourages you to focus on the people that you are trying to help, which leads to developing better products, services and internal processes.” His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “Find a problem that you really care about. Building a start-up is tough, so pick something you are passionate to solve. It will carry you through the hard times.”

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