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Founder, Next Academy

When Josh Teng first founded Next Academy in 2014, also known as Malaysia’s first coding school, he had a single mission in mind. “Our goal is to empower people with skills they can use to find a career they would find satisfaction in. We just became a
lot better at doing it,” he says, stating that they have remained true to their core till this day.
His self-taught coding journey first began when he ventured into his first start-up but it wasn’t until he chanced upon an encounter with the then-CEO of MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre) that the seed for a coding school to boost the tech ecosystem in Malaysia was planted.
As for where Josh sees Malaysia’s tech ecosystem heading to in the near future, he lays out two possibilities. “We either remain net consumers of technology or we become net creators of technology. Collectively, we will obviously miss out on a lot of growth potential to define our next 10-20 years. From a macro perspective, I see creation of technology as one of the biggest and most important opportunities we need to pursue to reduce our reliance on oil revenue.”
Josh’s vision for Next Academy is to ultimately contribute towards uplifting the earning potential of the entire middle class population. “We can’t control the outcome, we can only control our effort. Stay on course, avoid the temptation of jumping from one idea to another without executing one at a time really well,” he advises aspiring entrepreneurs.
Josh is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon; neck tie from DIOR Men