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Founder, iHandal

Named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2019, Aaron Patel’s entrepreneurial journey with iHandal started in 2007 when his father fell ill abruptly. To make ends meet, Aaron – then 15 years old – and his mother decided to take over his father’s trading business.

Juggling between business and studies, and later on forgoing further education, he made the most of the circumstances by “looking for opportunities to do something more meaningful with my technical skills instead of just trading. That was when I integrated my final year physics and chemical project in thermodynamics and decided to venture into a different technology and business model,” he recalls, adding that it was his mother who encouraged him to pursue his business ideas.
A turnkey engineering firm, iHandal specialises in improving the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings, of which its proprietary technology is a patent-pending design. The emphasis on sustainability was a result of countless engagements with clients, offering them solutions leading to financial savings while cutting emissions.

“Businesses should approach sustainability by perceiving it not as an added cost burden, but to see it as an opportunity and challenge that has the potential to deliver value added benefits such as reduced costs, higher profitability and increased revenue,” he says. His vision is for iHandal to be a global leader in the management of energy and resource consumption. Admitting Malaysia is a small market, iHandal is focusing on growing a regional presence in order to deliver its impact goal, with the aim “to reduce 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually by 2030.”

Aaron is wearing the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Pave