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Managing Director, Dave's Deli Group

Brian Chin grew up learning the ropes of what it takes to run an F&B business. Upon graduation, he joined the Dave’s Deli Group and was instrumental in turning the family business around once the financial crisis hit. As managing director, Brian has been at the helm of the business since then, working hard to build a solid foundation by implementing standard operating procedures, a solid supply chain, consistent cost monitoring and embracing technology to improve their processes.

“I believe that sustained growth is better than rapid scaling,” he says, referring to his strategy to ensure the sustainability of the business.
With a long-standing history that spans three decades, the Dave’s Deli brand has captured loyal customers who yearn for the good old days, but Brian cites it also poses a challenge that they regularly face. “Maintaining a link with the past is important as it is a source of inspiration in everything we do. Nostalgia is powerful but we must always have the courage to move forward. Don’t let fear stand in the way of progress.”
Outside of Dave’s Deli, Brian has also ventured into the healthy food delivery service with his wife Honey. The Naked Lunchbox was initially a passion project for the couple and has now flourished into a full-time business serving 7,000 meals a month to individual customers and corporations.
“I plan to utilise the success and failures I have experienced over the years to educate and nurture the next generation of F&B entrepreneurs,” says the budding entrepreneur who is now launching a social enterprise that revolves around operating a low-cost fried chicken stall concept at night markets, providing employment and accessible business opportunities to low- income earners.

Brian is wearing the  HUBLOT Big Bang Meca-10 Ceramic Blue; long jacket from DUNHILL



Country director, Global School Leaders Malaysia


Founder, Fern Batik


Founder, Refuge for the Refugees


Co-founder, Mentahmatter