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Director, Amnesty International

What does it feel like to bask in the spotlight, only to step away mere moments before the show starts? For Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Director of Amnesty International, much of her professional career has dangled between the glamorous lure of the entertainment industry and academics. “I dropped out of the Miss India competition despite being a finalist and stopped being an MTV VJ because academics were more important,” she says. 

Though it was hard to see her peers go on to conquer Hollywood and Bollywood, she experienced a moment of epiphany when she was named a Young Global Leader 2019 at the World Economic Forum. “When my name and photo was carried alongside bonafide game changers, the best thought leaders, disruptors, innovators and heads of state, I realised that so much of my life and decisions had led to a world stage after all,” she reflects. 

Dr Anjhula’s spark to get involved with human rights work was born out of a sense of urgency to take action for the greater good of humankind. “I believe it is a calling to a large extent. Noblesse Oblige translated means an obligation that the nobility has for and to service. Some people can see and others have a vision, but the two are not alike,” she points out. “When I reflect on my childhood and its writings, it appears I was channeling a greater source. Things that might fly past others (eg. caste base discrimination) did not sit well with me. I knew that the extraordinary privileges and blessings that is life had to be challenged as a tour de force.”

Dr Anjhula is wearing the Hublot Big Bang One Click Sang Bleu Steel White Diamonds; dress from Alia Bastamam



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