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Co-founder, Naluri Hidup

Greatness comes from within, and most often than not, it begins with the mind. Dr Jeremy Ting, co-founder of Naluri Hidup, a digital health coaching platform that seeks to tackle the emotional, mental and physical needs of clients in an effort to improve overall health, has this to say, “The human mind is an incredible machine, and I believe we are only scratching the surface in our understanding of how it works.” However, he is quick to point out that the architecture of the brain is rather fixed, which contributes to various biases that impact our behaviour and decision making. “If we can’t upgrade our hardware to become more resilient or adaptable, we’d need the skills to improve our software. This is where psychology and behaviour science comes in.”
Naluri’s holistic approach towards mental health and wellness plays a vital role in the way the organisation is run and managed too, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of its employees. “It is important to recognise that your employees are your greatest assets; to get each person to become their healthiest and best selves requires a tailored and multidisciplinary approach,” Jeremy emphasises. “This is essentially core to what we’re trying to do at Naluri – to allow the business to address the physical and mental health of employees in a holistic way and ultimately drive performance.”
How you can improve mental prowess? According to Jeremy, although mental exercises involving mathematics and problem-solving can be beneficial, he likes to keep things simple. “Firstly, read widely. There is no substitute for the ingestion of knowledge,” he shares. “Secondly, sleep. We always function better with good rest.”
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