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Ehon Chan

Ehon is not ashamed to credit his humble upbringing, which in has made him extremely resourceful and learn to develop strong negotiation skills. “When I was in my teens, a series of deaths in the family and of a very close friend profoundly changed my perspective of ‘living’ and these experiences have shaped my motivation in the work that I do ever since,” he replies when asked about his inspiration to be involved in social entrepreneurship.

Passionate about unleashing the brilliance of people, especially when talented people with great ideas come together, with capital, to help materialise their ideas, Ehon has been involved in several startups, both with successes and failures, and also started a not-for-profit organisation focusing on the promotion of men’s mental health. “Ultimately, the end game for me is about narrowing the gaps whether between the rich and poor, literate and illiterate or people with different abilities.”

Ever jolly and ready to assist, we ask Ehon who would he like to meet if he could travel back in time. “I’d probably like to meet my ancestors, to understand more about my family history. Most of my family members of previous generations died rather young, so we don’t have a lot of knowledge on the history of our ancestors,” he shares, adding that his family has lost contact with their Chinese relatives after his great-grandmother, who was a single parent back then, took the leap of faith to travel to Borneo and worked as a family housemaid.



Country director, Global School Leaders Malaysia


Founder, Fern Batik


Founder, Refuge for the Refugees


Co-founder, Mentahmatter