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Esther Loo

Esther Loo

Esther Loo’s job security is part of a legacy. Family-run Tai Sun Food Industries has made snacks such as roasted nuts, dried fruit and chips since 1966.

Beginner’s Guide

Having worked for other firms for seven years prior, Loo was the first of her cousins to join the family business after realising that it’s more meaningful to work for people you know.

Making the Mark

Last year, Loo led the company through its first brand overhaul since the 1960s. The year-long exercise revealed that although consumers loved the Tai Sun taste, the brand wasn’t well-known to the younger set. Esther and her team redesigned the brand identity and created new brands and products that would appeal to a younger, discerning consumer.

Business Savvy

Driven by legacy, Loo says: “That gives my work meaning and forces me to think for the long-term. This is part of the legacy that was passed on to me to pass on one day to the next generation.” Having brought a new way of communication to the family business, she points out: “We’re now sharing the story of Tai Sun through the media and social media platforms.”