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Faeez Fadhlillah

Tripfez, Salam Standard

Even though he travelled constantly when he was growing up, Faeez never thought that he would end up working in the travel industry one day. “Our dream is to create a holistic and inclusive approach for Muslim travellers across the globe.” And his passion has led him to the cover of the recent Forbes Asia magazine. “It was a proud and, at the same time, humbling moment for me. I see it as a sign of recognition towards the concept of Muslim travel which we try to develop further.”

More driven than ever, Faeez is putting his focus on increasing the reach of both Tripfez and Salam Standard. “Representing Malaysia on several occasions, we are fortunate to have been invited to many major conferences, including the ITB, WTM, ATM, all which are amongst the largest travel events in the world.”

As a startup founder, there is always a time dilemma. “On one hand, there is too little time to finish all the tasks in one day, while on the other hand, it moves too slowly when it comes to the progress and achievements of the company. In the end, it is crucial to reserve some time.”



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