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Fern Chua


Founder, Fern Batik

When Fern Chua encountered a car accident 10 years ago which resulted in a serious left wrist injury, she was advised by her doctor to pick up an activity to work on rehabilitating her hand movement. She settled on sewing and bought some batik materials from Central Market which she made into a sundress.

That sparked a whole new interest in the traditional craft of batik for Fern who is now the founder and creative director of her eponymous fashion label. “I fell in love with it. I started learning more about how this art form comes alive on fabric and how it’s part of our heritage. I love how I’m able to express myself through what I create based on my inspiration. The possibilities are endless,” shares Fern who currently works with local batik artisans around the region.

Her success in reviving the dying ancient art form is largely due to her creative approach where she fuses the traditional technique with contemporary designs. Fern also explores using unconventional batik tools to create distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces. “You can’t fully predict how each piece will turn out every single time. That’s the beauty of batik which I have learnt to appreciate,” says Fern.

Though her luxurious pieces are often inspired by nature, the talented designer also draws inspiration from random bits of her life whether it is a song, people whom she has met and her travels. “I have a big dream. I want to expand my label globally, bring fame for Malaysia and make a difference in our batik industry,” she says.

Aria watch & pendant; Aura sleeper earrings; Talisman bangle; Horizon in rose gold, Caress, Bezel rings by De Beers