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Founder, Boozeat

Nothing we ever do in life is wasted effort. For Jessie Chong, every job she had taken under her portfolio prepared her to establish Boozeat, Malaysia’s premier online alcohol store. Jessie reflects on her professional journey and past experiences, highlighting that her stint with Moët Hennessy Diageo played a pivotal role in the success she is experiencing with Boozeat. 


“A big portion of my learnings of the industry, way of working with the circles of people, as well as the knowledge, skill sets and networks that I have, came from my stint with Moët Hennessy Diageo,” Jessie acknowledges. But it is when she opens up about taking the plunge into the unknown, coupled with her eagerness to learn, that she touches on the true spirit of entrepreneurship. “Building a tech company came from my passion and curiosity for technology businesses. I have always liked e-commerce, and my interest has helped me want to learn more in speed to achieve Boozeat’s mission and vision.” 


And indeed, Boozeat has come a long way since its early days. “The first three years before we got a credible backer to support Boozeat’s vision were the most difficult periods,” Jessie says. “There was a point where brand owners were concerned that we’d go bust overnight.” Business successes aside, Jessie, who also co- founded Headspace, adds that the growth of Boozeat was also marked by other rewarding moments such as witnessing the development of her team members, both on a personal and professional level. 


Jessie’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “Ideas are a dime a dozen, but what matters is the execution,” she says. “So take the risk and leap. Go for it. What is there to lose?” 


Jessie is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Steel Pave; hassled woven jacket and leather pants from Afiq M



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