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Brand Director, KSK Land & Founder, Jonathan Liang

That women can be strong and comfortable at the same time is the very ethos Jonathan Liang subscribes to through his eponymous fashion label. “It’s not always about donning power suits to be that image of strength. Frills and ruffles, or just an oversized sweater can be just as empowering,” says the fashion designer when it comes to the art of storytelling through his designs. 


Having completed several stints at Givenchy, Surface to Air and IRO, Jonathan relocated to Paris almost a decade ago, setting up the base for his label but the time has come for him to expand into the West and establish a few key flagships. A collaborator at heart, he says, “Personally, I’d like to have more collaborations with cool brands out there. I always believe creativity is much more amplified when there’s more than one head in it.” 


As someone who thrives on having multiple creative outlets, Jonathan has also moved beyond the fashion sphere as he takes on a new position as brand director of KSK Land. He confesses that it has not been a tough transition only because it is an extension of what he already has for the Jonathan Liang brand. “Every market we explore is different, it is unique, people relate to stories differently, so to be able to streamline brand communications catered to various markets while keeping brand identity intact can be a head cracker. It’s a challenge I really enjoy though!” 


Like most creatives, Jonathan strives to achieve some form of inner peace with himself in what he produces creatively one day. “I’ve never been truly happy with what I’ve created. It’s a good and bad thing, but to know what it truly feels like to be satisfied with what I’ve created could be an achievement that would be a lasting sentiment in my life.” 


Jonathan is wearing the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue Diamonds



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