Co-founder, MyPay

Acquainted when they were both employed by Uber, since its retreat, Joshua Smith and Nick Liew have gone on to establish MyPay as a new e-government service provider, from settling fines issued by local councils to servicing Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans. “MyPay is disrupting the Malaysian government payment space. We synchronise data and allow users to access our platform with just their IC numbers and connect them to various government agencies on a single platform,” Joshua says. As the MyKad stores all essential information of the person such as the IC number, address and finger prints, sharing it with the third party requires a level of trust. To bridge the gap, the provider must prove to the user that it can remain reliable under all circumstances and confidential information obtained is guarded fervently to prevent identity theft. “SSL, hashing, encryption and many more security protocols are used by me and my team to ensure a user’s personal information is secure. User education is also key to ensuring personal information is kept safe,” he assures.
As with all players operating in fintech, MyPay is also moving fast to capitalise on the underserved area and scale up, with the start-up now in the midst of building an e-KYC (know your customer) platform that will allow other businesses to ride on its system. “This means that another start-up or company won’t need to conduct KYC on its customers if it has a MyPay account,” he explains. “It is pretty exciting as this will feed into the government policy of a digital ID.”

Joshua is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph WBC Green Ceramic; glasses from Fendi



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