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Co-founder, Masala Wheels

The co-founder of the Chamber of Social Entrepreneur Development was a volunteer at a refugee school during university days. The engineering student who took it upon himself to impart IT knowledge to refugees despite not equipped with the fundamentals prior to taking the plunge. That, however, epitomised his willingness to aid those in need and help them to one day lead a better life. It also formed the basis for him to co-establish Masala Wheels, a social enterprise specialising in banana leaf rice, which initially operated out of a pre-owned food truck to now a regular sell-out restaurant that also conducts learning classes, dubbed “the social enterprise impact lab”, during weekends to the under-privileged community residing in the poorer neighbourhood of the Petaling Jaya Old Town. 

Employing staff from the under- privileged community, Masala Wheels serves as some sort of a training centre to develop their soft skills and discipline to improve their employability and prepare them for an eventual life away from the cocoon. For Kuhan Pathy, it is important to treat a social enterprise as a business entity and not charity because it has the potential to be a “tool for socioeconomic transformation through long-term, consistent and effective impact delivery.” Hence, he hopes to see the local social entrepreneurial landscape to “mature as a coordinated, integrated and progressive ecosystem with increased civic participation.” Part of that has already been realised as Masala Wheels is the country’s first social enterprise to be acquired by a corporation through an equity partnership exchange with KCOM Group.

Kuhan is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Unico Blue Magic; jacket from Versace