Lee Ching Yi

Lee Ching Yi

Amazin' Graze

With a mission to change the way we snack, Lee Ching Yi, together with her partners Amy Zheng and Sabrina How, founded Amazin’ Graze, a company that offers freshly baked nutritious healthy snacks. “Healthy snacks available in Malaysia are mainly imported, hence they are overpriced and rather bland tasting. We saw the opportunity to introduce healthy eating and snacking to Asians by creating innovative and tasty snacks with a touch of local culture and taste through Amazin’ Graze,” says Ching Yi, who is no stranger to the burgeoning entrepreneurship scene.

What sets Amazin’ Graze apart from the rest of the brands is its emphasis on freshly baked quality produce and delicious combinations. For Ching Yi, the biggest challenge lies in educating the public on the benefits of eating well. “It’s not just about weight loss. People are becoming less active due to their white-collared jobs and we want to address these issues simply by starting with changing the way they eat.”

Amazin’ Graze is now a household name in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, but Ching Yi is not one to rest on her laurels as plans to conquer Asia are next in the cards. “I feel that it is so important to have partners who have the same visions and goals. Anyone can have great ideas, but it is in the execution that makes it a successful brand,” she states firmly. Being in a startup, Ching Yi reveals that the learning curve can be steep, as each team member is required to wear multiple hats in the company.

The dynamic entrepreneur finds time a precious commodity as there are plenty of goals she aspires to achieve with a limited amount of time. “Any leisure time I get to spend with friends and family is now more valuable.”



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