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Chief Executive Officer, Socar Malaysia

When it comes to what drives Leon Sing Foong’s entrepreneurial decisions, the answer lies in value creation. “I believe in creating products or services that I will use and that will add value to the lives of the communities I’m part of,” says the CEO of car-sharing start-up Socar Malaysia. 


No stranger to the mobility industry, Leon who was previously part of Uber Malaysia’s pioneering team finds the industry compelling as it ties in two distinct activities we do on a daily basis – commuting and eating. “It is something that is so prevalent and ubiquitous but at the same time there is still so much more room for making travel more time and cost efficient. This is also the reason why I enjoy investing in on- demand workforce and on-demand food or coffee businesses such as GoGet and DrinkRage – it’s the opportunity to build communities while driving up efficiency in certain marketplaces,” he shares. 


With more than 1,200 cars available to rent across 755 locations, Leon stresses that Socar is ultimately about making life more convenient for people who choose to move away from private car ownership and people who decide to buy only a single car for the household. “We will be expanding to more locations and also verticals to really ensure that the mobility needs of drivers are met at all price points and use cases.” 


Educating entrepreneurs of the future is also something Leon strives to achieve before turning 40. “What does it take to completely remove the barriers to being a good entrepreneur and also create access to funding? Some of these barriers are more deeply rooted in societal views of entrepreneurship rather than systemic challenges itself and these are the problems I hope to be able to work on and present solutions to before I turn 40.” 


Leon Sing Foong is wearing the Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days 3D Carbon; glasses from Fendi



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