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Chief Executive Officer, Photobook Worldwide

We live in changing times, and the way we make – and treasure – memories have evolved without us realising it too. Leow Wee Jonn, CEO of Photobook Worldwide, sheds light on the fleeting quality of memories when he highlights the following: “In this digital age, we see 80 percent of our photos once in our lifetime, which is when we take them.” Photobook’s mission? To transform those precious photos and memories into everyday products that aren’t limited to just  books and albums, but everything ranging from home decorations to home ware and gifts for every occasion. 


The astute businessman believes that Photobook still has plenty of opportunities for growth. “I’m looking forward to taking Photobook to even greater heights,” Wee Jonn admits. “I believe that Photobook has the potential to become a global company with a leadership position in many of the markets around the region. I intend to take it all the way there.” 


Wee Jonn has no illusions about the sheer amount of grit and dedication it will take to elevate Photobook to the next level. Far from feeling daunted, he’s ready to embrace the challenge head on. “Taking the business to the next level requires a lot of changes. It means revamping the way we do things, rethinking the market and redefining the new world ahead of us,” he says. “As a leader, my view of the future and the world has a disproportionate amount of impact on the direction of the organisation and it’s important for me to constantly be thinking of and strategising for the business.” 


Leow Wee Jonn is wearing the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold



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