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Li Lian Lee

Lee Li Lian

Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Lee Li Lian doesn’t like stereotypes, so she makes it her mission to topple them. If anything, with the successfully contested Punggol East by-election in January, the 34-year-old with a background in industrial and financial sales has showed that gender, youth and “elite” credentials aren’t obstacles in politics and in the process, became the first female opposition member to win a single-member constituency since 1965.
Determined not to rest on her political laurels, Lee hopes that her win will encourage more young women to come forward. “It’s not something to be afraid of. If you have a heart, you can do it,” she says. While recognising that women of Singapore are receiving higher education and playing more significant roles in our economic growth, Lee believes that their voices, concerns and ideas should be heard and recognised. Thus, she wants to bring across this message: “Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.”