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Founder, RPG Group

A simple dropshipping experiment during the semester break led Melvin Chee to subsequently build three multimillion- dollar brands across different niches in e-commerce. At the tender age of 18, his first business was acquired, however, the budding entrepreneur shares that he has had his fair share of failed ventures.
After identifying a jarring gap in the Australian market, Melvin launched his first start-up Eubi which specialised in distributing portable universal mobile chargers and accessories in Australia. In 2016, he moved on to establish RPG Group, a multi- niche online retailer. The business has expanded to three stores operating with fulfilment centres in Asia, Australia and the United States. “I’m super proud of the team we’ve built over the last few years. It’s been our goal since day one to build multiple global brands from our home base in Malaysia. The team has enabled and encouraged me to continue executing the vision of the company to where it is today,” says Melvin.
Describing himself as an entrepreneur at heart, Melvin recalls a time when he would spend his childhood holidays setting up a tiny booth with his friends near the jetty of a neighbouring holiday island in hopes of monetising portrait photos they had taken of incoming and outgoing passengers.
He believes it is never too early nor late to start a business. “In order to grow as an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take risks, but these should always be researched and calculated risks,” he says. Melvin has made it his personal and company’s goal to strive for the business to be public listed one day.

Melvin is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic



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