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Founder, The Asian Entrepreneur

Sometimes, our failures sow the seeds of our success for the future. For Melvin Poh, it was a previous set back that led to the creation of The Asian Entrepreneur. “The need for The Asian Entrepreneur came from experiencing my very own failure years ago when I unsuccessfully tried to launch a business in Hong Kong with a close friend,” he shares. The unfortunate episode, however, led to a greater recognition of the pervasive business knowledge gap that had existed in Asia, resulting in the failure of many business entrants to these markets, he shares.


Today, The Asian Entrepreneur reaches 20 countries globally, with up to 300,000 readers weekly. “Many of our readers hail from the West, with the United States being our number one readership base and Europe making the top three,” Melvin shares. “Meanwhile, the other top readerships following suit mostly comprise the Southeast Asian markets.”


Melvin shares his vision for The Asian Entrepreneur saying, “Imagine a platform that is able to capture the sum of all business knowledge and experience in Asia; a platform where every person is given free access to draw value from it in order to enrich themselves in making an impact in the region. Imagine its implications and what such an endeavour holds for the development and growth of business and economy in Asia. It’s progressive and will aid in the future development of Asia. That’s what we are doing with The Asian Entrepreneur.” 


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