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Co-founder, MyPay

Been naughty on the road lately? Not paying your dues to local authorities? Congratulations, you might have scored a fine. But instead of sheepishly approaching the officer manning the Road Transport Department’s or the city council’s service counter, offering a plethora of excuses, you may skip the public humiliation by checking on outstanding summonses and choosing to pay online. MyPay is a relatively new e-government service provider in the land ruled by MyEG. Co-founder Nick Liew says, “We cover slightly different government services,” compared to MyEG. Differences include a closer tie-up with local councils and the Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN).
Ironically, the idea of starting MyPay budded “when a friend of mine was about to go on his honeymoon, but was stopped from leaving the country due to an outstanding balance on his student loan,” Nick says. “The inconvenience of not knowing government dues in advance, repeated many times across other situations, sparked the idea of making digital government services a worthwhile project to pursue.” The aim is to work towards making government online services more convenient for citizens. Hence, “we must present MyPay as being safe and simple, clearly and concisely, in order to stand out in a market that has many fintech businesses fighting for consumers’ attention.” That means levying lower transaction fees while making registration effortless and secure through the MyKad with additional security features put in place. “We hope to make MyPay one of the key channels for digital government services,” he says.

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