Rebekah Yeoh

Rebekah Yeoh

Corporate finance manager, YTL Corporations

Community service has always been a cause close to Rebekah’s heart. “Since young, my father has always made it a point to expose my siblings and me to the disadvantaged. It was this youthful curiosity that urged me to travel to afflicted areas as a student and I gained proper insight into social awareness,” says Rebekah, who currently serves as corporate finance manager in YTL Corporation.

A trip to childcare centres in India and Cambodia stirred Rebekah to dedicate her time and expertise in the subject of economics to help fight social injustice faced by muted communities. Back in Malaysia, Rebekah joined the Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur, a branch initiative of the World Economic Forum comprising dynamic, entrepreneurial and socially engaging young leaders, who are driving change through community projects. “Under Global Shapers, we monitor four different projects which run concurrently – Food For All, Better Streets, After 5 and Better Streets 3.0 Living Library,” explains Rebekah, who is also the regional ambassador for Dignity For Children Foundation.

She believes that it is vital for youths to engage in community service because the experience itself will likely evolve into creative ideas, especially when there is time to dispense. “Community work stirs and steers the youth. It triggers ideas that would never have been birthed if they spent the whole day surfing Facebook,” Rebekah remarks. As a young millennial, Rebekah has come to accept that her generation work differently from the previous generation and she feels no guilt when it comes to pursuing outside projects. “My motto is to never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about and this has forced me to compartmentalise my time and get things done.”



Country director, Global School Leaders Malaysia


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