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Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri


Founder, Spot Community Programme

Spot is a movement established in 2015 that aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education to young women. As the founder of the campaign, Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri understands the critical importance of her advocacy efforts and has invested herself in researching the best approach to give children awareness on the subject.

“I discovered a direct correlation of what we see in our communities and what we are not teaching our children. By filling in the gap with education, we are helping to prevent tragedies such as online child sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections amongst children and child marriages – tragedies that bear unspeakable personal costs. Our education aims to help girls be more confident and resilient, and able to make better decisions for now and for their future,” she explains.

Though it was difficult to get parents and teachers on board, Aishah persevered. “My team and I work hard to assist parents and teachers to have open, respectful conversations around the topics of their (children’s) bodies, about boundaries and consent. Conversations that can save the children when their parents are not around to look out for them and keep them safe,” she says.

Aishah believes it takes a village to raise a child and her work is far from over, “We are building a social enterprise, testing modules for boys and designing useful puberty education- related products to help children and parents go through puberty with dignity.”

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