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Tamara Lim


An Oxford graduate with a background in engineering and materials science, Tamara Lim for four years lived the engineer’s dream, going through helicopter crash simulations for offshore training in the cold North Sea and even scaling 50m columns. It’s not too outlandish to wonder how she came to found Prepworks, an education company run by Ivy League and Oxford graduates that specialises in preparing Malaysian students in their applications to top boarding schools and universities overseas.

“Tutoring a few students as a hobby, I realised there was a growing need for this kind of service in Malaysia,” she shares. “The more personal statements I read, the more I was convinced that I could make a difference to students out there.”

Getting into prestigious schools only gets more competitive as the years pass, but Prepworks aims to change the game by giving its students an edge, providing them with an informational and preparational advantage thanks to its experienced tutors.

Tamara looks forward to the day that Malaysian universities achieve global ranking again so students don’t have to leave the country in order to have better opportunities. She also expresses the desire to prepare the younger generation with the essential skills they need to face an uncertain yet exciting future. “Malaysia’s future is in their hands, and I hope they make of it something better than we did. Stay humble, keep learning, and understand that only through challenges do we really grow as a person.”


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