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Zizi Azah

Zizi Azah

Conferred the Young Artist Award — Singapore’s highest arts accolade — playwright and theatre director Zizi Azah is the artistic director of Teater Ekamatra and an adjunct lecturer.

The First Steps

Zizi started her theatre journey as an 18-year-old stage crew member for Chang and Eng: The Musical, which she describes as being “the most wonderful thing in the world.” After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Zizi cut her teeth by managing productions at the Singapore Arts Festival, Setagaya Public Theater Tokyo and the Seoul Fringe Festival.

The Creative Process

For Zizi, only theatre can chart the graph of the heart. Inspiration comes from “being present to the world, being open to the nuances of life. An overheard conversation, my daughter’s expression of delight, an invigorating discussion with my students — anything and everything in life can and must inspire art”, says the 32-year-old, who seeks out “new partners to collaborate with and fresh ways to tell a good story”.

The Notable Works

Zizi has taken Teater Ekamatra beyond its Malay theatre beginnings to become one of Singapore’s leading bilingual theatre companies. Critically successful productions include, Nadirah (2009) and Charged (2010). In 2012, she co-directed Dream Country (staged for the Singapore Arts Festival) and staged her play Not Counted at the Journey @ Beijing Festival.