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Jayden Liew

It was only recently that Wheelcorp Premium moved into its latest state-of-the-art BMW & MINI Showroom. “It’s currently one of the largest 4S centres in Malaysia and we’re working diligently to exceed every inch of the business in making it fully efficient,” Jayden Liew denotes, stating that all of their processes and concepts are based on sustainability and effectiveness. Dynamic and clear-sighted, the executive director admits that being in the automotive industry is not always glamorous and there is a lot of backend work involved. Thankfully, he benefits from the near-10-year experience acquired from working under his father, allowing him to seamlessly comprehend and articulate the best in retail businesses. “It's a platform for me to learn about the nature of premium brand businesses and customer behaviour. The high intensity of retailing as well as new opportunities arisen has challenged me to grow exponentially as a person.” Additionally, expansion plans are well underway and Jayden expects to strengthen the company’s roots further in the automotive landscape. When asked about his life motto, Jayden says, “It’s important to set an ultimate direction towards an ambition and achieve what we’ve set for our lives. When you have established yourself, you have all the time in the world to explore after”, metaphorically comparing himself to a washing machine that keeps spinning.