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Cassey Gan

Inspired by the most random of things – from something as mundane as a pile of rubbish, to something as intangible as overheard conversations, fashion designer Cassey Gan strives on creating unique prints. Pair them with her whimsical knack of mixing and matching the prints and textures upon eccentric cuts, and voila! – a distinctive brand identity that is unlike any other in the current fashion sphere. “I’ve always believed that every achievement in life starts from something small; never underestimate what a simple and small idea can do,” Cassey says. “In my line of work, not only do I need to be constantly inspired for many collections to come, it’s the driving force of hope to move forward. Fortunately, inspiration comes in every form and really is everywhere. All you need is a lot of passion, hard work, perseverance and grit.” Currently, Cassey is working on a capsule collection with fellow 40 Under 40 personality, Nelissa Hilman, and multi-label store Cuevolution, which will be released in January next year; the collection will feature Cassey’s one-of-a-kind prints upon Nelissa’s easy-going shoe designs. Besides that, she has also started Terms Et Conditions, a unisex T-shirt line with her brother Jayden, offering up her specially designed prints to the men for the first time.