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King Quah

The vision for Saltycustoms has been crystal clear from the start: to be at the forefront of innovation in the apparel industry. Through their meticulous attention in quality, fit and design, they have since produced over two million custom apparels for an international clientele made up of Facebook, Spotify, Grab, Fox, Blizzard, Clubmed, Astro and Coffee Bean. “Technology is the saving grace of our generation,” says King Quah, whose company also introduced the mobile app Doobie, in which anyone can design and sell their own custom apparels in a global market place. “It’s making the world a more connected place, and it’s definitely changing the landscape of business. So embrace it and work with it.” When asked about the success of holding together an entrepreneurial life, King has but one thing in mind – responsibility. “You always hear about resilience, hard work, grit and teamwork, but above them all, you have to be responsible – responsible to yourself, responsible to others, responsible in protecting your mind, and responsible in self-love.” “To an entrepreneur, you do what you must, when you must. There is no sharp distinction between work and life, and you have to have the ability to integrate work and play in life,” he adds. “We’ll let others decide if we are playing or working, because to us, we’re always doing both.”