Executive Director, China Pottery

Alex Toh’s work philosophy is simple. “Nothing comes easy without effort. Plenty of people have great ideas but ideas without execution is worthless. Any action is better than no action.” The executive director of China Pottery aims to change the tableware and household industry by creating an omnichannel retail and customer service experience where customisation and curation go hand-in-hand with the implementation of information technology.


He cites keeping the business operation as lean as possible and yet being productive as the key to ensure sustainability. “I always believe in fostering a passionate workforce in the company by providing autonomy to employees, allowing them to take on more responsibility and engagement to create a more dynamic workforce,” says Alex.


In the digital age where trends come and go, he also acknowledges that being sensitive to the ever-changing consumer demands and lifestyle is key to remaining relevant. Feedbacks from business partners and customising solutions according to customer demographics are integral to the business’ success. “On the other hand, merging fashion with tableware is also one of our ways to stay ahead of the game,” he shares.


Though there are many goals he would like to achieve on a personal and professional aspect before he turns 40, Alex shares that at this moment, his main goal is to establish their newly opened store, Artelia to be recognised as the leading multi tableware and giftware brand store by providing clients with a one-stop tableware solution complete with personalised consultations.


Alex is wearing the Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium