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Shannon Toh

They say that life begins at 30, but for Shannon Toh, life has begun for him some years back, having already started working on his fifth startup venture today; Grailcop, an online streetwear auction marketplace, where buyers and sellers can trade safely in a controlled environment, solving the problem of payment and delivery, security and authenticity of every item. “Being able to live the life of my own design, that in itself is an achievement for me,” Shannon says. “With the freedom to explore ideas and opportunities, and being with people who constantly inspire and educate me in life, I hope to someday give back and share my experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs, and continue evolving the startup ecosystem in our region.” An entrepreneur may often be interpreted as a lone wolf in his own ventures, but Shannon prefers synergy and teamwork with other entrepreneurs, (such as fellow 40 Under 40 personality, King Quah for Saltycustoms) – to go farther together, and sharing the load of success and failure along the way. “Personally, I’d look for someone who has different skill sets than my own so that we cover more grounds and gain different perspectives to ideas,” Shannon mentions. “But the main thing in business partnership is trustworthiness, besides sharing the same core values and fundamentals for said business, of course.”