Prestige Malaysia's Top 40 under 40 2018: AmeliaTan
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Amelia Tan


Sleep deprivation. It’s an urban disease that many take for granted but Amelia Tan has been propagating the idea of a good night’s sleep since she joined Getha Bedding in 2015. Though she oversees multiple departments at the family business, her role as business development director requires her to be involved in every aspect of the company’s marketing, digital, events and business development.

Responsible for spearheading the e-commerce division at Getha, which has grown 10 times over the past three years, Amelia is charting a new path for the business to reach out to new consumers. “It’s important to keep yourself exposed to the latest news and technology not necessarily only within the industry but all mediums and platforms. Keeping an open mind and trying new experiences is key.”

As a family business, Amelia says keeping consistent values and culture within the company has been integral in long-term sustainability. “The heart of our company – our people – plays a significant role in the growth of the business,” she says, further sharing that their longest serving employee has been with the company for 37 years. The home-grown brand turns 50 next year and has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide, specialising in 100 per cent natural latex bedding products. When prompted on her future achievements, the ambitious Amelia has a main goal in mind. “By 40, I’ll be running a 100 million dollar company and have built Getha as a famous Malaysian brand worldwide.”


Amelia Tan is wearing Hublot Big Bang Broderie Gold Diamonds