Andrea Lim

Andrea Lim

Dr, Peak Fitness

Between managing her family’s retail business at KL Sogo department store and starting up her very own fitness facility known as Peak Fitness, Dr Andrea has her hands full juggling various responsibilities. The University of Wales medical school graduate first garnered an interest in fitness during her student days abroad and upon returning to her homeland in 2010, she founded Peak Fitness as a solution to the lack of fitness facilities available in her neighbourhood.

Though she personally enjoys weight training, Dr Andrea stresses that it is important to vary her workouts frequently in order to stimulate her body to respond to different types of exercises. At the moment, she is training as a group fitness instructor in Les Mills’ BodyCombat. “People ask me what am I training so hard for? The answer is really life as I want to be able to be physically and mentally active and healthy for as long as possible,” she opens up.

A philosophy Dr. Andrea constantly strives to embody in her work is to uphold the highest standards in every possible way. “When I was practising medicine as a houseman in a rural hospital, I worked for an intensive care consultant who constantly advised us ‘whatever treatment patients are getting in Harley Street in London, we should provide the same to our patients here. There is no reason why they should get anything less’.”

Her medical background has also pushed her to advocate health, fitness and wellness as Dr Andrea aspires to educate Malaysians on the importance of living a fit lifestyle. She hopes to achieve that through scientific and evidence-based programmes in world-class clubs that will bring the public life-long results and sustainable change.

Her Sunday evenings are spent breaking down her upcoming weekly schedule as she utilises technology effectively to her own advantage. “When used effectively, they are incredibly time-saving and efficient tools,” she shares.