Benson Tay

Benson Tay


“I’ve always had an affinity for business conceptualisations that are unique in nature as I feel that one has to be different in order to be a game changer in the market these days. For me, that would be my goal in the F&B scene – to always be on the cutting edge and a game changer,” Benson informs, adding that to start a business today is easy, however, to stay in business is a much more complicated matter.

“With new bars, cafés and restaurants sprouting up at every corner, the level of competition has never been tougher in the F&B game,” he says. “Entrepreneurship is definitely risky. You can expect to fail, but then also to learn, grow and bounce back stronger. Learn to let go of fear when you’re starting a new business,” Benson advises. He says initially there were many who doubted his visions and plans for Chaze, which now stands as one of the most sought-after speakeasy lounges and bars in Kuala Lumpur. Adding to his list of achievements is M Group’s recently launched brand, Lavo, a resto lounge, wine bar and event venue.

A visionary who functions on a forward-thinking base rather than living with regrets, Benson chooses to focus on a foundation of gratitude. “If I must turn back time and do something differently, it would be to credit them more – my loving family, business partners, mentor, M Group’s dream team and close friends for their unconditional support in what I’m doing right now.”