Vivien Cheng Hui Yuen

Vivien Cheng

It’s more than just running a family business for the executive director of Parkson Retail Asia. In fact, it’s more like growing up with an older sibling. What started off as a mere
departmental store, Vivien Cheng Hui Yuen has watched Parkson grow into a diversified retailer, as she too grows into her position at the company today.

Under her supervision, the family brand has successfully brought in fast fashion brands from South Korea like SPAO, Mixxo, Who.A.U and Shoopen, and launched 7DAYZ, a private fashion label that caters simple yet stylish designs at very affordable prices to women, men and kids.

It doesn’t stop there for Vivien and Parkson: the pipeline includes a multi-brand beauty concept store that will carry more than 150 brands and over 10,000 products, and a new Kids Playland concept consisting of a playground and gaming arcade.

“Being a part of a family business comes with its own hardships that are unavoidable, but it also comes with something else other jobs may not have – the support of my family,” Vivien says.

“They keep me abreast at work and at home, as we share our thoughts for Parkson and beyond, and overcome obstacles together. In fact, it actually draws us closer as a family. Our kinship is, by far, the best and most enjoyable part of a family business.”