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Jennifer Friis

A sense of responsibility towards her community and surroundings inspired Jennifer Friis to start Charwiki, a non-profit organisation for children. It was a natural step for Jennifer who spent a majority of her adolescent years actively volunteering and mentoring children in need. “I’ve always loved working with children and seeing the light of a bright future in their eyes. Every child deserves the best that society can offer,” says the mother of two. She reveals that Charwiki is currently working with a group of special needs youths to set up a culinary social enterprise in hopes of providing them with an income as well as an increased sense of dignity and self-esteem. Though the project may seem like a big step for the organisation, Jennifer stresses that it’s important to remain focused on her objective. “I try not to see anything as a setback. It’s either an opportunity to improve or a message to change course,” she says. As for Charwiki’s future, Jennifer hopes that the organisation will play a significant role in connecting the community, bringing people across different social strata who want to foster relationships with each other closer. “I want Charwiki to be synonymous with anything that benefits children in need,” she says. She has also made it her personal goal to directly impact the lives of 10,000 children before she turns 40.