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Matahari Lee

As part of the younger generation taking over the family business empire, Matahari Lee adheres by the term sustainability when it comes to his vision for the company. “Ever searching for better living is the motto my father came up with. My vision for the future of Country Heights Holdings Bhd is to see it become a real green and sustainable project developer. I truly believe that as a development company, we have the social responsibility to build sustainable communities,” Matahari says. The executive director of Country Heights Holdings Bhd is currently spearheading a team to convert the existing ground floor of the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre into a one-stop automotive centre. The project involves 130,000sqft of indoor space and another potential 12 acres of land. The young man is also exploring an opportunity to work with a local solar EPC company to utilise their empty lake for energy generation. “We are currently going through a transition period where technology advancement has allowed for many things to be done faster in new ways and with more efficient use of resources. I believe in always exploring innovative ways to address and solve issues.”