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Andrew Kwan

What started off as an independent home gym by two childhood friends has evolved into a notable community gym serving people from all walks of life. Certified fitness trainer Andrew Kwan is the co-founder of Revelation Republic, a gym which focuses on strength training and conditioning workouts. To date, its loyal customer base has grown to include weekend warriors and national athletes. When it comes to the biggest misconception the public has about fitness, Andrew shares, “The most common issue I encounter is people asking me if they can attain a significant level of progress within a short duration of time. People are focused on short-term gains rather than a sustainable progressive training regime that reaps tremendous results.” For Andrew, it is important to have a reason and purpose to train, especially for beginners who are about to embark on their fitness journey.  “Remember the reason you started as it will get you through the toughest days.” As a budding entrepreneur who started small and expanded the gym as he saw fit, Andrew’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to seek counsel and support from trusted parties who are experienced and equipped with know-how. “Weigh the risks and once you commit, you must be prepared to pour your sweat and tears into the business.”