Chan Kin-Meng

Chan Kin-Meng

Benéton Properties Group

Since 2000, Chan Kin-Meng has been upholding the greater responsibilities of managing his over-three-decade-old, family-owned property development business. In parallel to his career as a property developer, Kin-Meng has also served various roles in REHDA for close to a decade. “REHDA has given me much in terms of the opportunity to serve the industry, and to learn and expand my horizons through all the many towering personalities I have had the honour of working alongside.”

As one of the nation’s leading property developing companies, Benéton Properties Group has not forgotten about the society. “To be involved in our field is to be guardians of a sacred trust invested in us by our customers,” he says, adding that as home builders, they are unconsciously part of their clients’ dreams and hopes for the future. “Having this understanding, our role in society is what underpins our every effort and commitment that drives us to design, build and deliver better homes.”

In addition to the energy and an innovative eagerness, Kin-Meng is also excited about how fast the market is moving. “To embrace that future, we can only ensure that we ourselves don’t lose that spirit of curiosity in wanting to learn, improve ourselves and do better.”

With so much going on, how does he juggle between work and family time? “My wife, who is both my anchor and source of encouragement, gives me the support and strength to venture forth while also being my conscience and balance, that whatever I achieve, I do not lose sight that my family is the most precious thing in life.”