Chiu Hui Shuen

Chiu Hui Shuen

Rent A Dress

The lack of quality evening dresses available at affordable prices propelled a very frustrated Shuen to take matters into her own hands and start up Rent A Dress. As Malaysia’s first online designer dress rental site, Rent A Dress caters to style enthusiasts by offering an attractive selection of authentic designer dresses and gowns available for rent for any occasion.

In 2015, Shuen launched Rent A Dress in Singapore, introducing the concept to Singaporeans. “I’ve learned that being a young founder requires tremendous discipline, self-learning and support to be able to keep challenging yourself and growing every day. Always surround yourself with amazing mentors and a great team,” Shuen advises.

The former management consultant aims to contribute to the ecosystem by fundamentally changing the way people consume fashion through a sustainable approach. She names her biggest
achievement to date a tie between consistently scoring highly in service levels, the number of weekly thank you notes received and being operationally profitable.

“As more and more startups rise and fall, and more support is given to budding businesses, the future of entrepreneurship, as it has always been, is about building businesses that last,” Shuen says. When it comes to running a business in two countries, Shuen credits Google Calendar as her saviour managing her time.