Prestige Malaysia's Top 40 under 40 2018: Choong Jiayueh
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Choong Jiayueh


Hailing from a family of jewellers, Choong Jiayueh never felt compelled to immerse herself in the enigmatic world of jewellery. It was only upon completing a one-year stint at an independent jewellery boutique that prompted her to change her mind. “I got hooked on the fulfilment I felt when customers received their finished pieces to commemorate important life milestones and achievements,” shares Jiayueh who subsequently went on to pursue a certificate at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Spotting a gap in the market for good-quality jewellery with accessible prices that caters to the younger audience, Jiayueh turned the gap into a business opportunity and co-founded Jeoel. By leveraging on the resources and credibility of the DeGem group, which is operated by her family, Jiayueh has big plans for Jeoel to go global. The budding entrepreneur has steered Jeoel to flourish under her leadership, opening multiple stores across strategic locations in Malaysia and strengthening their online presence. “How you treat your team and lead sets the tone for your office culture. I believe in walking the talk, that for every great idea, it’s important to have meticulous execution and openness for flexibility to adapt in order to achieve your objectives.”

But a steep learning curve still lies ahead for Jiayueh, as she acknowledges that over time her team has learned to cultivate a more focused and customer-centric approach in developing new products. “If you are able to speak to customers’ minds with the design and let the quality of your products capture their hearts, you will grow repeat purchases organically.”


Choong Jiayueh is wearing Hublot Big Bang Gold Diamonds; Knitted Turtleneck from Michael Kors