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Donovan Ng

Following multiple stints in Australia and the US, Donovan Ng returned to Malaysia and joined Malayan Traders Capital (MTC) as co-founder and executive director in 2016. He works closely with his partners whom he counts as friends to achieve the firm’s vision of being the premier investment house in Southeast Asia. “My vision is simple. I want to harness and elevate what we’ve achieved the last five years here at MTC and ensure we take it to new heights. I want people globally to know that we, Malaysians, can ideate and create products and services that are world class,” he says. As a hedge fund company headquartered in Malaysia with a presence in Singapore, MTC boasts an impressive track record, having successfully delivered a return of more than 60 per cent for their clients. But without failure there is no success and Donovan’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to make as many mistakes – in both personal and professional life. “The mistakes and challenges you face early in your life will set you up for the future. Be willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone 24/7 and enjoy every step of the journey.”