Dato’ Seth Yap

Dato’ Seth Yap

M101 Holdings

Even though Dato’ Seth comes from a legal background, his venture into the real estate industry was no accident. “Somehow, by coincidence or by calling, all my businesses were very closely or even directly related to developments and developers. In many ways, I’ve been preparing myself for this for a long time,” he says, stating that when the opportunity to enter the property market as a developer arose, he immediately embraced it.

Celebrating the beauty of Malaysia with its iconic development, M101 SkyWheel, which is also the first-of-its-kind property that boasts a Ferris wheel on top of its building, Dato’ Seth explains that property tourism is something that had never been tapped before and that he sees a big potential to synergise both real estate and tourism. “Aside from growing the real estate market, my foreign buyers will get to truly experience what our country has to offer and be part of it. It’s my way of paying tribute to Malaysia.”

In the meantime, Dato’ Seth is finalising his next two ‘world’s first’ projects. “With M101 SkyWheel, we hope to have positioned ourselves to be the developer who can combine the core of real estate with famous intellectual properties to promote property tourism.” Armed with his past experience and know-how of branding and marketing, Dato’ Seth is ready to take it to the next level. But how does he find time for all of these? “Time is a definition; it defines who you are. And I am balancing it between my family and work because all work and no play makes me an impossible person to work with!”