David Ng

David Ng


Thus far, David is truly grateful that he is able to realise his dreams of building his company with different business portfolios. “Throughout my ventures, it was nothing short of blood, sweat and tears. But one of my most memorable achievements would be working with one of the biggest mobile technology manufacturers, gaining tractions and market shares in Hong Kong and China,” he says, recalling his days as a humble nomad, living off his luggage while he travelled from one city to another.

This year, David is working on Chefsaround, a technology crowd-sourced app that empowers aspiring chefs and homemakers. At the same time, he is partnering with a conglomerate in Europe to promote its properties in Asia. “I’ve always shown interest in the real estate industry and have been looking out for the right time and opportunity to be in the business.”

His secret behind time management? “The key is not to prioritise what is on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. Also, we need to have a balanced and positive lifestyle. It’s never easy and I am keeping close to what I have set for myself. There must always be a balance in our daily routine.”