David Tjhung

David Tjhung

Pure Projects

David’s passion for property management started at the family dinner table. “Growing up in a household where real estate construction and development was discussed over dinner, it sparked the passion in me, and I was able to build the knowledge from a young age,” he replies to the question of what had prompted him to start his own project management firm, Pure Projects.

At Pure Projects, David explains that they have developed a proprietary, cloud-based project management system to more efficiently manage and deliver real estate development projects for project managers and offer visibility and transparency to their clients across their investments. “We understand that these traits are particularly important when undertaking projects in emerging markets, whereby our system allows our staff to provide international best practices and benchmarked solutions in all of the countries we operate in,” he continues.

And over the past 12 months, Pure Projects has grown steadily, with its portfolio spanning major international and local clients in Malaysia. Across the region, it has continued to service longstanding clients and their projects such as Mapletree, Singapore Airlines, InterContinental, Crowne, Dusit Thani, and Honeywell across Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and China.

Somewhat new to the Malaysian market, David notes that project management is constantly evolving but he foresees that the use of technology will become a major catalyst in the industry. “To compare the role of the architect who traditionally manages the project management scope, in time, this delivery structure will change as it has in all developed countries around the world.”