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Kyan Yap

“People frequently ask if I am a jockey when they realise I am involved in horse racing. I find this rather hilarious as I am way too tall to be a jockey!” narrates Kyan Yap, who is part of Raffles Racing, a father-and-son business in the horse breeding and racing operation. “Speaking candidly, working with someone so close can be difficult and often can cause friction.” Thankfully, the duo recognised that for the partnership to work, they needed to keep work strictly business and upon practising that, every aspect of the business improved tremendously. “We learned to respect, gain and draw from each other's weaknesses and strengths. For me, I learned a lot from my father’s wealth of experience and strong business acumen, while he started to appreciate my tech savviness and fresh ideas.” That being said, Kyan’s advice is to treat everything as a learning process as the experiences gained can be constructive and will help greatly in future pursue. “Additionally, you have to expose yourself to anything and everything in your respective field. And it always helps to keep a humble attitude and talk to people who have been in the field longer than you. I guarantee that you will be able to learn a lot from them and the knowledge and the experience they can impart are invaluable.”