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Devan Linus Rajadurai

Devan Linus Rajadurai was born into a family that has been managing wealth for generations. The co-founder of Malayan Traders Capital (MTC) along with two other partners established Malaysia’s first hedge fund company in 2012, applying the time-tested investment principles nurtured by his family. From a young age, Devan had expressed an interest in investing and with guidance from his mother, he began assisting her in managing and growing their family’s overseas investments. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Devan during MTC’s inception as there were plenty of doubts surrounding his young age. “People kept telling us not to set up because we were too young and we couldn’t beat the incumbents. But in the US, almost all of the top 10 billionaires started their own companies before the age of 30,” he says. A firm believer in reaping the rewards of hard work, Devan is constantly challenging the status quo by “asking the thousand questions in my mind or the people I interact with”. This is the first step he takes before he gathers all the facts to make a decision and implement it. As for his proudest achievement, this ambitious young man takes pride in successfully starting the first hedge fund in Malaysia with his close friends yet running it in a professional manner, emulating the top global Fortune 500 companies.