Prestige Malaysia's Top 40 under 40 2018: Dr Teh Su Yean
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Dr Teh Su Yean

Though some may claim to be far from arithmetically inclined, mathematics has always been an inseparable part of Dr Teh Su Yean’s life.“It helped me get to where I am today,”she states.“Mathematics is something that people can’t live without. Delve deeper, and you will find mathematics in its various forms being used in all fields and professions. It might seem intimidating at first, but once you embrace it, you can do pretty amazing things with it.”

Her win of the L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award in 2017 proves this statement true. After all, it was her research on a mathematical model that investigates the impact of climate change on coastal resources like groundwater and vegetation that won the judges over. A firm believer of practicing and institutionalising sustainable development, Su Yean is adamant on making full use of science and mathematical models to help provide insights into the specific impacts of climate change on localised locations, which will in turn allow proper mitigation measures to be implemented.

“We will do better at combating climate change with unwavering commitment from both our society and the government,” she urges, stressing the need to educate the younger generation about the disastrous effects of climate change and what to do to address them. “Addressing the issue of climate change is not a one-off mission. It requires continuous commitment, persistent effort, sustained funding and relentless passion. Listen to what science is telling you about climate change.”


Dr Teh Su Yean is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamondsl; Shirt & Pants from Salvatore Ferragamo