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Lim Poh Yit

Despite being a family-run business, Lim Poh Yit believes that in order to bring Titijaya Land Bhd to the next level, it is vital to professionalise the way the company operates. “We need an injection of new blood and a different set of professional skills, insights and experience to help bring the company to the next level – this is what we have been doing all the while.” As current deputy group managing director, Poh Yit is committed to the idea of continuous learning, which can be applied for greater success. “The management team is one of the key growth drivers and key pillars of Titijaya’s success in navigating pitfalls. We believe by equipping our employees with a growth mindset and have more persistence when confronting obstacles, it will eventually lead the company to success,” Poh Yit narrates, adding that Titijaya frequently sends its staff for training seminars and internal learning programmes. “I believe it can create and introduce more new products that can add value to Titijaya, complementing the brand name and its existing products in the market.” Under his supervision, Titijaya has a few interesting projects underway, two of which are Riveria Sentral and 3rdNvenue. “Both projects are designed to address the demand of affordable housing which is anticipated to see the most action this year.”