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Robin Ang

Having co-founded three startups under his belt, Robin Ang aims to build businesses that will create a positive impact on people’s life. The co-founder of Wall Tailor, Buildscape and Loanstreet names failure as his best mentor especially when it comes to guiding his entrepreneurial decisions. “I believe to even start an idea, the idea itself not only has to be good but collectively brings goodness to the whole community or ecosystem. It also needs to have scalability and sustainability,” he shares. As an entrepreneur, he holds true to his work philosophy of being innovative, inspiring creativity and delivering non-compromising quality. Last year, Robin took Wall Tailor global when he opened new offices in Bangkok, Thailand and East Malaysia. It was also a year of new milestones when Wall Tailor took home the award for best architectural showroom in Italy. When it comes to dealing with setbacks, he stresses that multiple failures and plenty of hard work come before any victory. Conditioning a good mentality and the ability to remain positive when dealing with setbacks is crucial. “Always remember how far you have come, instead of how far you have to go,” he advises.